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Can I pay by credit card?
Do I need to sign a contract?
Is the building secured?
What does "no fixed term" mean?
Can I cancel anytime?
Can I pay by cheque?
Do I have to fill out a credit card application?
What are your hours of operation?
Can you accommodate after hours?
Is the building secured?
Is there a security guard?
Do you have insurance?
Do I need insurance?
Do you provide a forklift for us to load/unload our goods?
What happens in the case of a power outage?
DO you provide receipts?
Do I have to show ID upon entry?
Is there outdoor storage available?
What is a gross up factor?
Does the rental rate include Property Maintenance, Property Taxes, Building Insurance and Utilities?
Why are the prices for Boats, Cars, RV’s etc. different from the post rate?
What is a non-negotiable receipt?
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